Saturday, March 7, 2020

7 IELTS Essay Samples of Band 9 Students

7 IELTS Essay Samples of Band 9 StudentsIf you want to learn seven ielts essays of a band 9 student, then read the following 7 fields essay samples of band 9 students in this article. I have written these on my own experience in writing of band 9 ielts essays. The text used here is a poetry piece. You will find that it is a good introduction for you to learn about the writing of its essays of a band 9 student.The first example is called 'A Romantic Poem'. This is a poem that is written on a black ink card and reads like poetry. You have to write all the lines in the top left corner and it becomes very easy after doing so. The first line here is 'Nora remembered the day when there were no darkness and no sun'. There are many lines in the poems that make the poem very romantic and full of meaning.The second example is called 'Looking at the Sky' by Nicole Keihin. It has been written by the author with the help of a quill pen and the poem has been set in black ink on an old sheet of bla nk paper. The poem has been written from a female point of view and you can know more about her by reading her other writings.The third example is called 'There's a Black Sheep'. This is written on a black ink card and it gives us a story of a young girl and her love for a donkey. This example is the best for teaching you about the symbolism of the verses of ielts.The sixth example is called 'Two Flowers' by Thean Langland. This is a poem that has been written in a poem form. It gives us a hint about the importance of the English language in a poet's life. We also learn about a girl who loves flowers and their meaning.The seventh example is written by Astrid Flatkey. It is also called 'When All the Moths Have Disappeared'. It is written in a verse form and it tells a story about a small town and its life.These seven ielts essay samples of band 9 students give you an introduction to writing poetry and gives a hint about what is poetic and what is not. For the students who are interes ted in writing poetry, this is the best introduction. You have to write the sentences in the top left corner and then you have to copy the poem. So after doing so, you will understand how poetry works.

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